Hip Pain, the bane of my existence


Seriously you would think any pain would be the bane of my existence, right? Nope. Nope nope nopity nope. It’s hip pain. Knee pain is in there too, as a secondary, but it’s all about those hips.

When you can’t sleep because it feels like you’re hips are being crushed and separated all at the same time? That’s a magical sort of hell. When you have to surround yourself with pillows to prop up your aching body and it still hurts because OMG it’s touching you, but it’s a soft touch and it’s providing some support so you deal? Yup it’s that pain. That lovely pain of multiple Epsom salt baths a day, and if possible dips in the pool just half laying on a raft letting your body chill in the water. It’s weird, it looks uncomfortable as possible but it helps.

It’s that pain where if something takes the edge off you’re all for it. Because anything is better than nothing. And you never ever forget a dose of meds because you are up for all forms of pain relief.

This has been my world for about a week. I can’t really sit for long, I can’t lay down for long, I’ve had so many baths Ive run out of Epsom salts mid week and cried about it in the middle of the night when I just wanted a short bath to take the edge off.

Anything is better than nothing. Nights are worse than days. And little has been interesting to me. I’ve been slowly slipping into my fibro!depression where nothing matters and nothing is of interest. Not friends, not books, not favorite genres of anything.

Not my favorite mental place to be. But it’s an honest look at where I am at the moment. Tomorrow might be different. The pain might break sometime today or tonight. I can only hope it does. Mentally it’s hard to take. Even when you have practice.

When you all have your worst type of pain how do you all deal? Or not deal?


The Never-Ending Flare From Hell


Lately I can’t seem to get out of this flare. I’m still trying to be active within it, going to work as much as I can, going to baseball games, going to physical therapy, but nothing seems to be breaking the flare.

Result? I feel awful and am starting to sink into old bad habits. I’m not walking as much. I’m not interested in things. And I can feel myself starting to sink into the pain depression of chronic pain.

Things will turn around. They always do. The flare will end. Maybe not when I want it to, but it will. And until then I just have to focus on not letting it control me.

Self Care Saturday


Take a bath. Take a bath with Epsom salts. Especially if you hurt like hell it will help. I am terrible about remembering to do this simple basic thing that I like that helps.

Even if you don’t hurt, take a bath. Put in a bath bomb. They aren’t all super expensive and exotic. Well they are exotic. And fun. You can find them on a million Etsy stores, you can find recipes to make your own if your into DIY, and more and more stores are selling them. I can pick up a pack at Ulta or at my local grocery store or any box store. Also Amazon if you prefer that. Basically, they are relatively easy to get ahold of or to get ahold of the ingredients if you want to make your own. A gazillion Etsy stores selling them online can’t be wrong on how (relatively) easy they should be to make.

Me? When I hurt like hell and my hair hurts I pull out Dr Teals Epsom salts, and today at least the foaming bath as well. Since today was bad, last night was lots of rain and storms and mostly painsomia for me followed by an early morning for work, I used the Therapy and Relief with Rosemary and Mint Epsom Salts from Dr Teals, and the Relax and Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint Foaming Bath from the same. Now I own both, I bought and buy with my own money and will continue to do so. (There’s your disclaimer that this is not an ad or sponsored!)

I always feel better after soaking, especially on the super bad, my hair hurts days. Its basically magic.

I get that for a lot of people taking a bath is a pain in the butt or not really possible. Maybe you don’t have a tub, maybe you aren’t physically able to manage, maybe you have kids who won’t leave you alone for 20 minutes to soak away pain and tears. I get that. If you can borrow a friends tub and you aren’t weirded out too much, ask if you can borrow to have a soak. If you have physical issues managing, ask for help if you can. I walk with a cane and managing getting into a slick bath on my own is a minor terror. If you have friends, family, etc who can help even installing in hand holds to help, asking never hurt anyone. If you have people in your life who can help get you in and out and your not shy again, it’s all about asking. I have several work friends who used to be home health aids or otherwise worked in that industry and while I’m sure they would totally help me if I needed it with professionalism and even humor (we’re the same age we’ve got to laugh a bit right? Or I have to laugh at myself) I would still feel awkward I know. But again, ask if you need assistance. Even family. My mom helped bathe my grandmother, my GMN, for several years, and when she would get stuck in the tub and couldn’t get out safely would help get her out. So I know I could ask there. So there’s options, they just all involve me needing a great sense of humor and letting go of maybe some of my body issues. (But that’s another post!)

As for those with kids. Since locking them out is apparently bad form, see if a partner or spouse or even a friend can occupy them for 20 to 30 minutes. Or a grandparent. Use the support network you have as a parent and a spoonie.

Also if you are in an area with high lead concentrations or other water contamination, this might not be an option at all. If you can get a filter that will work and filter out whatever contamination is in the water and you can afford it, I recommend to do so. If you cannot, I understand, water rights have become a major civil and human rights issue in the last several years. If there is anything the chronic illness community can do to assist that you feel would be immediately impactful and good don’t hesitate to leave a comment. If I can help even with just a signal boost I will, if I can do more, and let me know specifics on how and what, I will fight for you and help. We’re all in this together.

If you can, if its an option, I highly recommend this basic easy method of self care. Not all self care has to be expensive, the best methods are free or cheap. Or at the least, and most importantly, make you feel better. If something helps you feel better do not ever apologize for using that method of self care. Unless it’s spending tons of money you don’t have that’s probably not a good idea. But still, self care is self preservation, and for us who hurt, for us who ache, for us who are ill, it is as necessary as doctors appointments and medicine and understanding.