The Never-Ending Flare From Hell


Lately I can’t seem to get out of this flare. I’m still trying to be active within it, going to work as much as I can, going to baseball games, going to physical therapy, but nothing seems to be breaking the flare.

Result? I feel awful and am starting to sink into old bad habits. I’m not walking as much. I’m not interested in things. And I can feel myself starting to sink into the pain depression of chronic pain.

Things will turn around. They always do. The flare will end. Maybe not when I want it to, but it will. And until then I just have to focus on not letting it control me.


Sometimes it’s the Small Things


When things get hard and I need a fast way to feel a little more human and a little better, a quick face wash. Once with an exfoliating facewash (I love Simple brand) and once with a gentle cleanser (again I love love love Simple brand and I also love Garnier SkinActive.)

It’s a fast easy way especially in summer heat and humidity to make me feel a little more human. It doesn’t take away pain or reduce it, but reclaiming moments of humanity and feeling comfortable in my body are just as important to me.

Anyone have their own favorite facewash products that help with the inevitable sensitive skin issues of fibromyalgia? Or some small way that lets them feel more human and better even if it doesn’t reduce pain?

Disclaimer: I am not paid in any way shape or form to mention Simple Brand or Garnier SkinActive. I buy both with my own money and use them. This is not a sponsored post or ad.