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The day started in pain and horror then with some med changes the flare from hell seems to have broken. Bring on all the things I love dearly but haven’t been able to enjoy!


SideQuest 2: Music for the Soul


I’m trying to adjust from a second shift to an early first shift schedule at work and well…it’s going about as well as anyone would think. I’m drinking too much coffee, not enough water, and the adjustment on my sleeping schedule has me sleeping 17 hours on one off day and nothing on another. Oh and I have no desire to walk or move or do any of my exercises. So all round I really want the adjustment period over. Between then and now, and even after, music will be the thing that feeds my soul while my body tries to reject sleep as a concept.

Hamilton is a major major favorite. It has been for a while. If I need to get pumped up, or get ready mentally in any way for anything, Hamilton is a great way to do that. Guns and Ships, Yorktown, My Shot, Nonstop and The Schuyler Sisters from Act 1 are all a great way for me to sing or rap along and get ready for the day.

90s girl pop is also something that I listen to and that helps me a lot. The cheesier the better. Spice Girls, Billie Piper, Brandi, Brittany Spears, etc, it is the music of my childhood/ adolescence, and when I’m heading in to work it can help. The 90s boy bands too. I don’t choose between N’Sync and BackStreet Boys, I adore them both.

Thing is these help get me mentally ready to head into work and to deal with pain. Because let’s face it, the pain is omnipresent, it’s always around.

In a way the music gives me a little bit of power over it. A way to Bad Wolf myself over the pain, I can create myself anew when dealing with it. Music gives me that extra jolt of energy on walks to go a little further and do a little more. It gives me the jolt i need to deal with pain when I can’t manage it any other way.

Anyone have any music they love or that lets them deal with the pain better? Personally I’m always willing to find and try out new music, so share!

SideQuest #1


Painsomia and pain flares are a the absolute worst right? One of my absolute favorite ways of dealing especially when the meds are taking forever to kick in or I can’t find a comfortable position to sit or lie in is to obsessively watch The Great British Baking Show. Seriously as much as I love and adore reading (my TBR piles are arranged in particular orders and I have a Yearly Goodreads challenge) on those nights and sometimes days my brain is mush and can’t function or deal with storylines and words plots. So documentaries and reality tv comes in handy. The various Alaskan tv shows also are excellent and are a future post. But GBBS or as it’s sometimes called The Great British Bake Off (GBBO,) it’s a frequent fav and I need more than 15 episodes up on Netflix. I’ve also binged the Masterclass multiple times. It’s calming and sweet, even though i know the show is stressful for the Bakers it’s not stressful for the watchers. They all help each other. They are kind to each other. Which as a person living with chronic pain who struggles still with asking for help when i need it is an object lesson that I can revisit in tv form when I’m at my weakest mentally and physically.
End of the day, what I’m saying is, how the bloody hell did we all survive before Netflix and Hulu? And more shows that exhibit kindness and people helping people and not plotting to backstab (though those are fun too in doses) can possibly make the world a better place long term. But then I also binge Reading Rainbow and Julie’s Greenroom when I don’t feel well. 

My shows I’ve got up on my queue right now for plots all twisty and fun are Call the Midwife and Riverdale. And I can’t wait for Supergirl season 2 to drop on Netflix as I missed a lot of episodes over the season. 

Anyone have a preference for the next SideQuest? Call the Midwife, Riverdale, or Supergirl? Or option D which is random surprise.